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Power Tutoring is the premier tutoring centre in Dubai, offering a professional and personalized service that inspires children to learn and excel. Whether your child needs some Maths revision, help with their homework or to fill in gaps in their curriculum, we can certainly help! Power Tutoring can even prepare them for entrance exams to top schools in Dubai. Located in the academic heartland of the UAE, Dubai Knowledge Village, Power Tutoring has been delivering excellent tuition to our students since 2006 in Dubai.

We customise our teaching to suit the individual needs of our students after evaluating their academic prowess with our free assessments, and we cater to the British, American and the IB curriculums. Power Tutoring is committed towards the advancement of education in the UAE and has attained a tradition of tremendous success with our students. So whether you need help in realising your dream of passing the entrance exam to your school of choice or would like to study a subject at a higher level, Power Tutoring has the experience, talent and resources to make your academic dreams a reality.